Covid Could Keep Lid on Crude Oil Demand

Get ready for Season 3 of “Covid Catastrophe,” the dystopian series that everyone is being forced to watch. Season 1 saw the virus invade the world, disrupt the global economy and kill millions. Science counterattacked… Read More

Aussie Dollar Is “Stealth” Inflation Play

Traders call the Australian dollar a “commodity currency” because its economy is heavily dependent on natural resources. Australia is the number 1 exporter of iron ore, the 2nd largest exporter of aluminum ores (as well… Read More

Watch Your Wallet: Inflation Is on a Roll

The Consumer Price Index is soaring, pushing prices up over 5% on an annualized basis. This is a 13-yr high. Wages in hospitality industries, like hotels and restaurants, are up 7.6% over the past year,… Read More

10-Year Treasuries Testing Key Support

Covid cases are declining, and with them, the fear of another disruptive slowdown. Inflation is getting all the press – especially energy price inflation. This increases the odds that the Fed will follow through with… Read More

Weakness In Soy Is Opportunity to Get Long

Shortages and rising prices define today’s economic reality. Crude oil is up 106% since last October, and recently hit a 7-year high. Natural gas is up 131% and hit a 10-year high. Container ships are… Read More

Crude Going “Back to the Future”

OPEC and its big-producing ally, Russia, have masterfully managed the price of crude oil throughout the entire Covid crisis. Coordinated supply cuts fueled an incredible 1,084% gain in front-month WTI crude oil futures, which soared… Read More

The Pop in the Dollar Is An Opportunity to Get Short

Speed defines modern markets. Changes in sentiment manifest themselves instantly and get discounted by price movements almost as fast. 10-year Treasury Notes yielded 1.73% three months ago, confident that the trillions being pumped into the… Read More