Low Price = Bullish Opportunity in Natural Gas

2019 has not been kind for natural gas. Crude oil prices may have soared but natural gas deflated, tumbling as much as 34% from its highs in mid-January despite increasing demand and historically-low stockpiles. Part… Read More

Platinum Strikes Back!

Poor platinum. Once the king of precious metals, it has spent the last eleven years wandering in the wilderness, losing value in nearly every year to both gold and sister-metal palladium. We’ve written about platinum… Read More

Silver for Pennies-on-the-Dollar

Silver can be frustrating for holders of the physical metal. Stuck in a sideways pattern since 2014, silver has been oscillating between support at roughly $14.00 per ounce and resistance at $21.00 per ounce. This… Read More

Pigs Are Going “Hog Wild”

Hog prices are soaring as the effects of African Swine Fever (ASF) are finally starting to hit home in pork-loving China. We wrote about ASF in a September blog post and recommended a six-month option… Read More

Platinum Has Plenty of Catching Up To Do

Poor platinum. It is one of the rarest of metals, hidden deep within the earth, making it far harder to mine than gold or silver. Platinum also boasts superior industrial properties, such as very high… Read More

Is The Bear Market In Stocks Over?

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Has Platinum Lost Its Luster?

Platinum used to be the king of metals. Once considered the “rich man’s gold,” platinum had more cachet. “Platinum” record albums sell more than gold ones. “Platinum plans” have more perks than “gold plans.” But… Read More