Silver (Finally!) Playing Catch-Up To Gold

After months in the gutter, the poor man’s gold is finally “movin’ on up.” Silver popped nicely, rallying nearly 7.5 % from low to high over the past two weeks, beating gold’s 4.8% gain. No… Read More

Gold Very Close to First Upside Target

That didn’t take long… Powered by the growing prospects of war with Iran, gold cut through its 4-year high of $1,378 per ounce like a hot knife through butter. Currently trading for $1,419, gold is… Read More

Corn and Gold Breach Key Levels To the Upside

Tariffs, schmariffs… When it comes to the price of agricultural commodities, weather trumps politics every time. China’s retaliatory tariffs, a major source of pain for grains this spring, no longer matter. Mother Nature holds all… Read More