Silver Soars & Posts Big Gains Versus Gold

Silver is finally gaining on gold, reversing nearly all of its richer cousin’s gains since silver’s coronavirus collapse. It took 125 ounces of silver to buy one ounce of gold barely a month ago. This… Read More

Beans Still a Bargain

Soybeans were a bargain when we wrote about them in early March. We believe they still are. Soybeans have labored under the deflationary conditions plaguing the rest of the agricultural commodity sector. COVID-19 is just… Read More

Gold Makes New Swing Highs

Gold blew through tough resistance at $1,700 per ounce yesterday and came within less than $8 of our $1,750 target price in overnight price action. $1,742.50 is now the new swing high for the front… Read More

Gold Explodes

The chart below is the perfect illustration of why we love options — especially in this climate of heightened fear. RMB Group trading customers and readers who have been following our blog posts know that… Read More

Commodities Melt Down but Coffee Perks Up

Last week’s panic in stocks infected commodities as well. Concerns that the COVID-19 virus would cause a sharp slowdown in the global economy powered a “risk-off” washout that pummeled the entire commodity sector. Gold, energy… Read More