Founded in 1984 to give premier options trading and research support, the RMB Group is one of the most respected names in the futures brokerage industry.

The RMB Group is a full service commodity brokerage firm specializing in providing clients with access to futures and commodities through managed futures, individual futures trading services, and providing “one-on-one” advice and customer service. From alternative investment solutions to individual futures trading, we pride ourselves on building relationships and designing investment opportunities that fit your personal risk tolerance and interests. With an average tenure of 20 years of financial markets experience, our brokers are seasoned veterans who excel in customizing strategies for experienced investors and mentoring beginning traders.

The RMB philosophy is to build long-term client relationships, with truly personal service, and customized futures investment solutions.

Services & Products

One-on-One Personal Service with an Experienced Broker
Far more than razor sharp order skills, brokers and fully licensed assistants are trained in customizing low-cost strategies including managed futures to fit your particular diversification goals.

Dynamic Diversification for Pennies on the Dollar
Many stock, ETF and fund prices are poorly coordinated with underlying markets.  RMB Group solves this potential performance-robbing shortfall by only using options directly based on the contract prices of over 23 markets: agricultural, precious/industrial metals, energy sectors, currencies, interest rates  and stock indexes.  These options may also offer tax advantages.

Full Spectrum Research Products
Looking for rock-solid advice?  Then you’ll be delighted with the RMB Group family of research and educational products.

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