China Buys, La Niña Dries and Soybeans Soar

Exploding Chinese demand, a disappointing North American harvest and drier-than-normal conditions across key soy-producing areas of Brazil and Argentina have provided the fuel for the ongoing bull market in soybeans. “Beans” closed at $12.64 per… Read More

Is Bitcoin Back?

It is certainly possible. It costs roughly $5,000 to “mine” one Bitcoin. Bitcoin was trading well below this level just a few weeks ago and has rallied 20% to just above it now. Want to know more about Bitcoin? Here is a newly-revised version of our report on Bitcoin that we posted last September… Read More

Sun Should Shine on Silver Soon

Sun Should Shine on Silver Soon   Silver has a dual personality. Like gold, it is a precious metal and, because it is cheaper than gold and accessible to many more investors, nearly always outperforms… Read More

Baby Copper Bull Finding Its Legs

Copper prices are considered by many analysts to be a key measure of economic strength. Growing economies require a lot of copper; it is used in construction, electronics, power transmission and many other applications too… Read More

US Dollar Making New Lows for the Year

Last Friday’s close in the US Dollar Index was the third consecutive weekly close below its 3-year old uptrend line. This puts a continued dollar rally in doubt. What fascinates us most about the chart… Read More

Managed Futures 101 (Part A)

Managed futures are one of the fastest-growing asset classes. Money under management by the Commodity Trading Advisors (CTAs) who direct the trading for this asset class has increased nearly 60% in the past 7 years…. Read More

Beaten-Down Cocoa Signals Potential Bottom

Who doesn’t like chocolate? While some may not be susceptible to its seductive charms, global demand for chocolate and its raw material, cocoa, has exploded. Western consumers eat 286 chocolate bars per person, per year…. Read More