Gold & Silver Looking Strong

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“Sell the Rip” in the S&P 500

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3 Observations: Stocks, Dollar, Gold & Silver

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Don’t You Want to “Strangle” Silver?

Like people, markets have personalities. Take silver. Silver is rude. Silver is cantankerous. Silver can be fickle. But folks LOVE silver anyway. The “poor man’s gold” has an allure that has stood the test of… Read More

Ready to Defuse the Bond Bomb?

Interest rates measure the price of money. That makes them the world’s ultimate commodity. Like most commodities, the price of money has been falling for a long time. The yield on T-year Treasury notes topped… Read More

Key Commodities Bottoming: Part 1

The winds are shifting. Critical commodities like corn, soybeans, sugar, hogs and coffee appear to be taking a cue from the energy sector and forming what we believe could be multi-year bottoms in the entire… Read More

Will African Swine Fever Cause Pigs to Fly?

A deadly and extremely contagious virus is threatening China’s hog producers. African swine fever (ASF) has been found in pigs transported from Northern to Southern China. ASF has the potential to kill every single hog… Read More

Silver is Back in the Bargain Bin

There is probably no more frustrating market to trade than silver. The poor man’s gold has a nasty habit of breaking all the rules. It refuses to rally when all indicators seem to point upward,… Read More