Crude Going “Back to the Future”

OPEC and its big-producing ally, Russia, have masterfully managed the price of crude oil throughout the entire Covid crisis. Coordinated supply cuts fueled an incredible 1,084% gain in front-month WTI crude oil futures, which soared… Read More

The Pop in the Dollar Is An Opportunity to Get Short

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“Good as Gold” Still Applies

Prices are rising. Crude is up over 100% from November. Corn, soybeans, cotton and coffee are soaring, with gains approaching 50% or more. Gasoline costs roughly $1.02 per gallon more than last June – just… Read More

Summer Sell-off in Grains?

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Will Rising Inflation Sink Slumping Bonds?

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How to Hedge a Speculative Stock Market

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Take Initial Risk “Off the Table” in the Euro

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Crude Oil Rally Running Out of Gas

Big production cutbacks by mega-producers Russia and Saudi Arabia lit a fire under the oil market to start 2021. Now that these cuts have achieved their objective and prices have risen to $65 per barrel,… Read More