Corn Continues to Climb

Soaring from a low of $3.09 per bushel on Fed stimulus and Chinese demand following March’s coronavirus outbreak, corn came within 7 cents of our upside objective of $4.35 per bushel last Thursday. The US… Read More

Coffee: The Last Cheap Commodity?

Many commodities have switched from bear to bull markets over the past 6 months. If you follow us, you know we have been banging the commodity drum for at least the past two years. Our… Read More

Will Surging Soybeans Beat Sagging Stocks?

When the world’s largest exporter of soybeans wants to import them, it’s time to sit up and take notice. Population-heavy China is in a hurry to rebuild a domestic hog herd decimated by African Swine… Read More

Hot Commodities

Soybeans hit our upside target of $10.60 per bushel last week, supported by Chinese demand and buying from large commodity funds. Corn and sugar have not hit our upside targets yet, but are doing well…. Read More

Soybeans & Corn Breach Key Levels

Strong Chinese demand, deteriorating crop conditions in the US, and a weak US dollar have helped to push the prices of corn and soybeans above key resistance levels. This is setting the stage for a… Read More

Ten Year T-Note Low-Cost Contrarian Play

Interest rates measure the cost of money, which means they eventually help determine the cost of everything else.  In “normal” markets, the cost of money is determined by the market itself. But today’s interest rate… Read More