VIX, Euro & Yen “Big Move” Updates

So much for a slow summer. The release of Federal Reserve’s meeting notes last week revealed a lot more optimism than Wall Street expected. This “good news” spelled bad news for the stock market as… Read More

Investing in the New Gold: Protein

The need for food is unrelenting and universal. It has been the force behind mass migrations and wars. English cleric and scholar Thomas Malthus (1766-1834) was fascinated by the relationship between population and food. He… Read More

Corn Crash Is Long-Term Buying Opportunity

Grains have taken it on the chin lately. Corn, wheat and soybeans have gotten crushed as nearly perfect weather conditions and the expectation of bumper crops in the US weigh on prices. This may be… Read More

Hedging Stock Exposure Using VIX

When do you hold and when do you fold? Nobody can answer this correctly – at least not consistently. The public stayed on the sidelines for most of the 185% rise in the stock market… Read More

Good as Gold Long Term

Will the fourth time be the charm? Gold’s mid-June spike over its 200-day moving average was the fourth in a series of attempts to breech resistance and give hope to long-suffering bulls. Unlike other attempts,… Read More

Slow Silver Prices, Time to Hedge?

Futures Outlook: 5/8/14 Slow Silver Prices, Time to Hedge? Silver has remained in its comfort zone for quite some time now.  While I remain an overall long term bull, it may be time to evaluate… Read More

Au Canada…Time for the CAD to Regain Power

Futures Outlook: 04/30/14 Au Canada…Time for the CAD to Regain Power The Canadian Dollar seems well poised right now for an upswing which is deserved since falling from the 1.04 Territory back in 2012. Canadian… Read More

High Cotton

Futures Outlook: 4/25/14 High Cotton Cotton has had a nice run recently, but is it about to drop? Cotton Some of you may have entered Cotton on our recommendation.  Right now, it looks as if… Read More