Dr. Copper Predicting Commodity Comeback in 2018

We didn’t release many “Big Move Trade Alerts” in 2017 because there weren’t many “Big Move” opportunities available in 2017 – at least not in the commodity sector. Grains moved sideways, so did sugar, gold… Read More

Can Crude Climb Higher?

Remember when “peak oil” was all the rage? Doomsday predictions of the world running out of the black, sticky stuff had analysts the world over predicting prices would soar well into the $100s and even… Read More

Sun Should Shine on Silver Soon

Sun Should Shine on Silver Soon   Silver has a dual personality. Like gold, it is a precious metal and, because it is cheaper than gold and accessible to many more investors, nearly always outperforms… Read More

Baby Copper Bull Finding Its Legs

Copper prices are considered by many analysts to be a key measure of economic strength. Growing economies require a lot of copper; it is used in construction, electronics, power transmission and many other applications too… Read More