Seeing Gold in Corn

Futures Outlook: 10/15/13 Seeing Gold in Corn This time of year when you think of corn you may have images of a fall table or Indian corn accents.  Today, I want you to think of… Read More

Summers’ Stock Rally Should Be Sold

The decision by Larry Summers – announced yesterday – to remove his name from consideration for the job of Federal Reserve Chairmen has sent the overnight markets into a bullish tizzy. E-mini S&P 500 futures… Read More

What Has Your Dollar Done For You Lately

Futures Outlook: 09/10/13 What Has Your Dollar Done For You Lately The mighty/ not-so-mighty US Dollar is going to be the topic of discussion today.  The plight of the US Dollar has been discussed in… Read More

Take Initial Risk “Off the Table” in Silver

Silver’s big, upside breakout continued yesterday as prices soared more than $1.00 per ounce, propelling the poor man’s gold halfway to our original price target of $25 per ounce. If you followed our suggestion 4… Read More

Taking Advantage of the Treasury

Futures Outlook: 08/15/13 Taking Advantage of the Treasury I have been speaking about options plays on T-Notes for months now and I will do it again today because what I believe will be a vast… Read More