Hedging Stock Exposure Using VIX

When do you hold and when do you fold? Nobody can answer this correctly – at least not consistently. The public stayed on the sidelines for most of the 185% rise in the stock market… Read More

Good as Gold Long Term

Will the fourth time be the charm? Gold’s mid-June spike over its 200-day moving average was the fourth in a series of attempts to breech resistance and give hope to long-suffering bulls. Unlike other attempts,… Read More

Buy Signal in Natural Gas

Natural gas has been moving sideways since last winter’s cold weather spike.  Could it be ready for another trip north? Yesterday marked the second consecutively higher close over the critical 62 day moving average. It… Read More

Euro Finally Heading Lower

Sometimes patience pays. In early March, we wrote a Special Report on the euro as part of our Investing in Global Chaos series. It has taken a good two months, but the common currency is… Read More

Protect Gains in Corn and Aussie…

Macro markets flat lined in April, closing the month not far from where they began it. But not all markets followed this script. Both corn and wheat continued to march higher in April, helped mostly… Read More

Slow Silver Prices, Time to Hedge?

Futures Outlook: 5/8/14 Slow Silver Prices, Time to Hedge? Silver has remained in its comfort zone for quite some time now.  While I remain an overall long term bull, it may be time to evaluate… Read More

Corn Close to Our Upside Target

Corn’s impressive rally on yesterday’s news that farmers will plant 4% less than last year (91.7 million acres) propelled prices to within 15 cents of our first upside objective of $5.30 per bushel in the… Read More

China Ready to Crash? Not So Fast…

It seems like everything we read nowadays has something to do with the coming crash in China. The bears make a pretty good case; a big bubble in real estate, loads of excess manufacturing capacity… Read More

Gold Testing Key Level

Ukraine, Schmukraine… Markets are ignoring the biggest and potentially most disruptive geopolitical crisis the world has seen in a while and focusing instead on the vague testimony of the Fed’s new Chairperson, Janet Yellen whose… Read More