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Sugar Update: Looking Sweeter

The worst drought in decades continues to crimp sugar supply in South America. Prices were sent skyward Tuesday following a retest of contract lows (see chart below) by the announcement by a Brazilian trade group that production fell sharply. Sugar …

Take Some Cash Off the Table in Yen

The Bank of Japan unexpectedly eased monetary policy on Friday, announcing the first new stimulus measures in a year and a half. This is causing the yen to decline sharply in the overnight session, putting the Japanese currency close to …

Managed Futures


Opportunities Outside the Stock Market

Managed futures can offset the risk of a traditional investment portfolio when that portfolio is limited to more traditional investments such as stocks and bonds.
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RMB Senior Partner Steve Belmont and Barry Potekin discuss managed futures.
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Barry Potekin

Managed Futures Specialist

Barry Potekin is a successful entrepreneur, recognized speaker, and alternative investment specialist. Take advantage of his free offer, Opportunities Outside the Stock Market.

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