RMB Market Insights

Take Cash Off the Table in Euro

The time has come to take some cash off the table in Euro. The common currency fallen below our first short-term downside target of $1.3250 and appears to be holding support. If you own more than one of the bearish …

Bearish Opportunities in T-Bonds & Notes

The rally in T-notes and T-bonds has been one of the biggest surprises of the summer. Prices have risen (and yields fallen) despite an American economy that has been gathering momentum. The US economy may not be setting any new …

Corn & Gold “ Big Move” Trade Updates

Perfect growing weather and expectations of a North American bumper crop have caused the price of corn to collapse. This is bad news for farmers. While they will certainly have more to sell, growers are getting far less for their …

Managed Futures


Opportunities Outside the Stock Market

Managed futures can offset the risk of a traditional investment portfolio when that portfolio is limited to more traditional investments such as stocks and bonds.

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Barry Potekin

Managed Futures Specialist

Barry Potekin is a successful entrepreneur, recognized speaker, and alternative investment specialist. Take advantage of his free offer, Opportunities Outside the Stock Market.

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