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Nice Opportunity to Sell Yen Again

The dollar is undergoing a huge correction this morning in collaboration with the huge decline in Europe and the continuation of the big selloff in US stocks. It may be a tough day for stock investors, but today’s turmoil is …

Exit All Bullish VIX Hedges

Last week’s meltdown in nearly all major stock market averages caused volatility as measured by VIX to spike dramatically. It is now encountering strong, multi-year resistance at the 22.00% level. Could VIX spike even higher? Sure. Anything could happen in …

Managed Futures


Opportunities Outside the Stock Market

Managed futures can offset the risk of a traditional investment portfolio when that portfolio is limited to more traditional investments such as stocks and bonds.
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RMB Senior Partner Steve Belmont and Barry Potekin discuss managed futures.
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Barry Potekin

Managed Futures Specialist

Barry Potekin is a successful entrepreneur, recognized speaker, and alternative investment specialist. Take advantage of his free offer, Opportunities Outside the Stock Market.

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