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2.75 Billion Reasons to Buy Coffee

Combine the populations of China, India and Indonesia and you get more than 2.75 billion reasons to be bullish coffee. Add in Vietnam, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and the rest of Asia and the numbers easily surpass 3 billion. Having just …

Silver Charts Look Good

Is silver finally bottoming? We believe it may be. RMB has been on alert for a bottom in silver since the beginning of the year when we recommended limited risk bullish spread positions using July options. (Click here to re-read.) …

Downside Target Hit In 30-Year T-Bonds

What happens when “crowded trades” lose their mojo? We are witnessing two classic examples in both the Euro and US Treasury market. Long bonds and short euro were considered “sure bets” not too long ago but both of these markets …

Managed Futures


Opportunities Outside the Stock Market

Managed futures can offset the risk of a traditional investment portfolio when that portfolio is limited to more traditional investments such as stocks and bonds.
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RMB Senior Partner Steve Belmont and Barry Potekin discuss managed futures.
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Barry Potekin

Managed Futures Specialist

Barry Potekin is a successful entrepreneur, recognized speaker, and alternative investment specialist. Take advantage of his free offer, Opportunities Outside the Stock Market.

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