In a recent OE, “Are Commodities in a New Bull Market?” we discussed the potential bottom we saw forming in grains and made a bullish recommendation in corn. We also said that we would be watching wheat and soybeans closely for low-cost buy opportunities in these markets as well. We believe we have one in wheat.

Wheat Futures, July

Like the US, Ukraine is a critical source of wheat to the world market. Fears that unrest in Ukraine combined with a continuation of bad weather in the American breadbasket could crimp supplies have given wheat a nice bid. While no one can predict the weather or accurately forecast what is going to happen next in the Ukraine, the chart shows a market beginning to find its footing.

The wavy grain tested its downtrend line on the close yesterday, closing on its low and setting up a potential downside washout. That did not happen. Wheat bounced instead, holding its old downtrend line as well as key 20 and 40 day moving averages. The 20-day moving average crossed over the 40-day moving average three days ago, confirming a potential change in trend.

How high can wheat go? It depends on what happens next. Our first target is the old swing high at $6.75 in the July contract. Solid closes above this level could send prices as high as $7.45 before all is said and done.

We are currently recommending July bull spreads with a maximum risk of roughly $650 plus transaction costs and gross potential of $2,500 should wheat rally into the summer.  Two closes below the old low at $5.59 would indicate a resumption of the downtrend, making it our risk (exit) point on any bullish positions. RMB trading customers should contact their broker directly for specifics on this trade.

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