Exit Bull Call Spreads in Soybeans

Let’s use today’s bounce as an opportunity to bid adieu to the long side of this market. If you own the November $13.40 / $14.00 bull call spreads we suggested buying three weeks ago, the… Read More

Sell British Pound

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Is It Finally Time to Buy Gold?

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Exit Sugar Puts & Buy Coffee

The time has come to lift the put leg of the October $19.50 / $16.50 call / put “strangles” we suggested purchasing for 60 points ($672) or less back in April (Vol. 19 #10). We… Read More

Use Big, Corrective Rally to Re-Sell Euro

We suggested exiting half of our bearish September put spreads in the euro two days ago because prices were oversold and testing good support. The chart said, “be careful,” and we were. What we did… Read More

Exit Half of Bear Put Spreads in Yen & Euro

Debase or die. That appears to be the lesson taught to the world’s central banks by the US Federal Reserve. By keeping both interest rates and the US dollar artificially low for long enough, Ben… Read More