Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

Futures Outlook: 08/7/13 Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining Over the last month or so, Silver has been side-winding.  This is extremely important to anyone who holds silver bullion as well as any of those… Read More

Not Feeling Your Oats

Today, I wanted to visit the grain complex again.  This time, the focus will be on Oats and I will be looking at the December contracts due to the greater participation levels in that contract… Read More

Potential Short Term Fail for Soybeans

Futures Outlook: 07/8/13 Potential Short Term Fail for Soybeans When looking at Soybeans, you will notice that they have been a bit bullish of late.  Now might be the time to start looking at them… Read More

Looking at Gold: Buy Now?

It’s time to come back to Gold in our discussions of Futures and Commodities.  The very significant metals market failure that we’ve witnessed over the last five months may offer a reprieve. Gold When discussing… Read More

Revisiting Crude Oil and Watching 100

Futures Outlook: 06/18/13 Revisiting Crude Oil and Watching 100 Last time I wrote on the topic of Crude Oil we had watched for and seen a nice head and shoulders pattern develop and do better… Read More

Can Lean Hogs Boar Through 100?

Lean Hogs Lean Hogs have been on a tear and really great things have happened in that market if you were bullish. At this point, the charts are still strong and seasonally we are nearing… Read More