Gold Breaks Out, Will Silver Follow?

It looks like the gold market has answered the question we asked in our first “Alert” of the New Year, “Is it finally time to buy gold?” (Click here to read this report.) So far… Read More

Low Stress Bullish Setup In Coffee

It’s dry in Minas Gerais. And hot… This coffee-producing region of Brazil has had just 60 mm of rain since Christmas. Normal rainfall is 175mm. Brazil is the biggest producer of high quality Arabica coffee… Read More

Is It Finally Time to Buy Gold?

Poor gold bugs…Their belief in the yellow metal never seems to die. Not even a punishing bear market, which clipped over 40% from gold’s August 2011 high, has dented their enthusiasm. They chalk up the… Read More

The Most Important Chart You’ll See Today

The relationship between crude oil and the US stock market is one of the most important on the board because both are a reflection of the global economy. American stocks are a leading indicator –… Read More

Sugar Update: Looking Sweeter

The worst drought in decades continues to crimp sugar supply in South America. Prices were sent skyward Tuesday following a retest of contract lows (see chart below) by the announcement by a Brazilian trade group… Read More

Take Some Cash Off the Table in Yen

The Bank of Japan unexpectedly eased monetary policy on Friday, announcing the first new stimulus measures in a year and a half. This is causing the yen to decline sharply in the overnight session, putting… Read More

Nice Opportunity to Sell Yen Again

The dollar is undergoing a huge correction this morning in collaboration with the huge decline in Europe and the continuation of the big selloff in US stocks. It may be a tough day for stock… Read More

Exit All Bullish VIX Hedges

Last week’s meltdown in nearly all major stock market averages caused volatility as measured by VIX to spike dramatically. It is now encountering strong, multi-year resistance at the 22.00% level. Could VIX spike even higher?… Read More