Time to Re-enter Platinum / Gold Spread

Certain relationships in commodities demand attention – especially when they are out of whack. One of these is the price differential between gold and platinum. Both are “precious” metals, but platinum is much rarer. Miners… Read More

Investing in the New Gold: Protein

The need for food is unrelenting and universal. It has been the force behind mass migrations and wars. English cleric and scholar Thomas Malthus (1766-1834) was fascinated by the relationship between population and food. He… Read More

“Godzilla” El Niño Getting Stronger

The El Niño weather event BMTA examined in our last Alert (click here to re-read) is getting even stronger. Some scientists have increased the probability of a strong El Niño this year to 90%. Other… Read More

How Low Will the Euro Go?

 Europe and the euro are living on borrowed time. Greece may dominate the conversation now, but it is just a symptom of a larger, structural flaw that threatens the long-term survival of both the European… Read More

Bonds Are Almost Out of Gas…

Most analysts will agree that the “gas” or fuel behind the incredible 6-year rally in bonds (and equities!) is the Fed’s zero interest rate policy or ZIRP.  ZIRP means that any cash invested in safe,… Read More

2.75 Billion Reasons to Buy Coffee

Combine the populations of China, India and Indonesia and you get more than 2.75 billion reasons to be bullish coffee. Add in Vietnam, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and the rest of Asia and the numbers easily… Read More

Silver Charts Look Good

Is silver finally bottoming? We believe it may be. RMB has been on alert for a bottom in silver since the beginning of the year when we recommended limited risk bullish spread positions using July… Read More

Downside Target Hit In 30-Year T-Bonds

What happens when “crowded trades” lose their mojo? We are witnessing two classic examples in both the Euro and US Treasury market. Long bonds and short euro were considered “sure bets” not too long ago… Read More